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"The vintage tones swing and punch – like early ‘60s Wanda Jackson possessing a young Joan Jett as backed by the Stray Cats. But after looking under the hood of Let’s Do This Thing, there’s much more here than a classic engine. [Kerry Pastine] delivers some next level you-know-what."
- Eric Shea - Pandora Pick of the Week

"Kerry Pastine & the Crime Scene's songs should be in Quentin Tarantino movies. There’s a fierceness in the band’s energetic live shows; the musicians clearly feed off of each other."
- Jon Solomon - Westword Feature Article 

"These folks are nasty and fun my friends... Beware, judging from what I've been hearing, they will not be Denver's little secret for long." 
- Dan Aykroyd (aka Elwood Blues) - House of Blues Radio Hour

"[Kerry Pastine] got the best response I saw all day, with people actually out on the floor and dancing. And rightly so: The energy was high and lively, and the grooves were flawless. Verdict: A group of fantastic musicians obviously having a great time at what they do... Throw them to the top of the heap of festival bands."
- Jef Otte - Westword 

"[Kerry Pastine delivers] old-school rock & roll that shouts wonderful and diverse testimonies of the human condition. [The music is a mix of] unruly garage rock, boppin' rockabilly, jumped-up blues and pointy-toe soul. Confidence-to-kill playing suits [Kerry Pastine's] whip crack vibe. This fun skirts dangerousness, but that's OK -- it's on our side. Recommended."
- DC Larson - No Depression

"Masterfully blending with the satin and kick of instruments that waste not one note, [Kerry Pastine's voice] flows effortlessly across the 12 diamond-sharp tracks. [She] is able to angle, crack and pop the songs in a way that suggests a renewal more than a retread." 
- Richard Davis - Ol' Skool Rods Magazine

"...These guys 'get it' and understand how to take a bit from the past, add bit from the present and come up with something familiar yet fresh." 
- Rick Galusha - Blueswax Ezine

"Simply put, Kerry Pastine's voice could bring the smokiest, sweatiest dive bar to its knees. She's got the swagger of [Janis] Joplin and skills of [Alanis] Morissette with a band behind her jumping effortlessly from pop to deep blues but never losing the rock energy." 
- Tim Wenger - Colorado Music Buzz Magazine


Kerry Pastine

I Make My Own Luck (August 2018)


Kerry Pastine

Bad Magic Baby (2017)

Kerry Pastine

Let's Do This Thing (2015)

Kerry Pastine

It's a Crime Scene Chritstmas (2015)

Kerry Pastine

The Other Side (2014)




I Make My Own Luck

by Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene

Released August 16, 2017