City of Love (9/2019)

The latest release from Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene starts with her vintage roots and takes her sound boldly into the future. Pastine explores themes of growth, joy and loss. Her songwriting and song choice shows maturity and brings additional depth to the blues party that is the Crime Scene.


I Make My Own Luck (8/2018)

A collection of some of Kerry’s favorite cover tunes, plus all-new Crime Scene material. Featuring special guests:

Eddie Clendening (Heartbreak Hotel, Million Dollar Quartet)

Jim Dalton (Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, The Railbenders)


Bad Magic Baby (6/2017)

The energetic follow-up EP to Let’s Do This Thing. After listening, you will want to join the ranks of Crime Scene fans, aka "Criminals" and experience a live Crime Scene performance for yourself. Only then will you see the power and feel the love that radiates from every stage that they grace and truly understand the Crime Scene's Bad Magic, Baby.


Let’s Do This Thing (8/2015)

The barnstorming album that took the roots music scene by storm! Pandora said it best: "The vintage tones swing and punch – like early ‘60s Wanda Jackson possessing a young Joan Jett as backed by the Stray Cats. But after looking under the hood of Let’s Do This Thing, there’s much more here than a classic engine. [Kerry Pastine] delivers some next level you-know-what." - Pandora (Eric Shea)


It’s a Crime Scene Christmas! (11/2015)

The cheeky holiday record that has turned into an annual series of Christmas shows. “Every song on It's A Crime Scene Christmas is an original and every one is a winner. The sounds are, at once, familiar and fresh, vintage and cutting edge. That's not that easy to pull off… Kerry and company leave the bigger names in the dust.” - Stubby’s House of Christmas


The Other Side (8/2014)

The debut album that started it all. Kerry & Paul spent over a year writing and recording the initial batch of songs that would become the heart and soul of the Crime Scene. “The Other Side is the audio proof, an eclectic collection of songs that couldn’t have come without raw talent mixed in with all that hard work. Simply put, Pastine’s voice could bring the smokiest, sweatiest dive bar to its knees.” - Colorado Music Buzz